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Ready or not, the Affordable Care Act is here!

Also sometimes referred to as “Obamacare,” this overhaul of the United States health insurance program requires most people to have health insurance starting in 2014. The law could affect you in a variety of ways.  Some of the biggest changes Americans will experience under the Affordable Care Act include:

Some of those changes include:

More coverage for more people — No one can be turned down for coverage because of a medical condition or pre-existing condition.

Expanded options for purchasing coverage — Through new health insurance marketplaces, all U.S. citizens and those lawfully present in the U.S. can now get coverage.

Choice and the information to make good choices — With the new health insurance marketplaces and the legal requirement that all “Summary of Benefits and Coverage” be written in easy-to-understand language, Americans will have more information and more options to choose what is best for them.

Improving the quality of healthcare — Through incentive programs and payment method changes, care providers will be rewarded for their performance and efficiency, encouraging more providers to focus on quality improvement and innovation.

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