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Got Life?  Home Wealth Financial Services has got life insurance for you.

Buying the best life insurance policy can be at times sometimes somewhat daunting.  Before you engage in committing yourself to purchasing a life insurance policy, you need to get a good idea of the amount of coverage you’ll want to have.

75 million American families count on life insurance to protect their families. Twenty percent of American long term savings are provided by life insurance including annuities and permanent life insurance. Ninety-two percent reported having enough money to protect their families against the uncertainties of life. (Source?)

Homewealth Financial Services can give you the information you need and propose a life insurance policy based on your requirements which include your financial goals, number of dependents, and your age from our trusted portfolio of providers.

You do not have to die to have access to your life insurance policy.  While benefits vary between providers, should you suffer from critical, chronic, or terminal illness, a life insurance policy can cover the costs associated with treatment or provide a stop-gap incomes if you are unable to work.

Your Homewealth financial professional is your main point of contact when purchasing a life insurance policy. Should you have a significant change in your life situation, we are always available to discuss the changes or updates on your policy.

At some point, any person with beneficiaries needs to consider Life Insurance.  Life Insurance policies should reflect the best options for your personal situation, and overtime as your needs change, so should your Life Insurance.  Having a qualified insurance agent and a trusted company can successfully guide you through the options to consider before making an investment and provide peace of mind in your decision.

It is not necessarily true that the more you invest the better.  The amount of coverage depends upon your unique situation.  Considerations such as marital status, children, your age, and your health need to be assessed.  When calculating Life Insurance needs, it is important to consider what it will be used for, ie., tax-free proceeds to help pay for the funeral, burial, or other expenses, mortgages or other debts, funding for college, and replacing your income.

Before purchasing be sure to weigh the costs of insurance and other riders that customize your policy to fit your needs.

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